During the past few weeks we have been working on the camera system, one of the many components of the test payload.  Originally, we planned to have the camera software completed by October 20th.  Unfortunately, we repeatedly ran into errors and bugs, some of these were resolved in a few minutes, while others took days of research and testing before a fix was found.  A little over a week past our target date, we finally completed the software for the camera system.

We then returned to working on the parachute system.  In a previous test (video of test 1 here.), the release mechanism we used was a simple pole that when pulled from the parachute canister launched the chute.   However, this approach was barely capable of holding the springs in their compressed state.  This meant that before we upgraded the springs, we needed a new release mechanism.  After we designed and printed the new mechanism, we performed another test.

This test proved that the new release system works perfectly.  We are now ready to upgrade the springs of the parachute system.

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