Parachutes (Part 2)

Part 1 here.

Last week we continued work on the parachute system.  This is one of the more important systems of the test payload and when completed will bring us much closer to our flight.

Our plan was to upgrade the springs and perform more tests in an attempt to increase the power.  However, after some consideration, we realized it would make more sense to purchase the parachutes first.  Then, once the new launch system is designed we will order the springs.

The parachutes arrived a day later.  The parachute system will use 4 chutes in total, two 0.9 m(36 in) main chutes and two smaller 20 cm(8 in) pilot chutes.  After unpacking the parachutes, we started work on the design of an new parachute deployment system.  This system will be spring powered and capable of launching the two main and pilot chutes at the same time.  This new design will implement much of what we have learned from the previous tests of the parachute system.

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