About Us

Hello! Welcome to Ether Aerospace.

At Ether Aerospace, our mission is to reach for the stars.  We seek to do this by designing new and innovative aerospace technologies.  Right now, we are working on Project Redirect a next generation high altitude balloon.  Project Redirect gives us the opportunity to learn in a real world environment.  We are committed to documenting our projects so we can share our adventures with the hope of inspiring others.

We decided to launch Project Redirect for a few reasons.  First, the low cost of High Altitude Balloons (HABs) allows us to take on an aerospace project without spending tens of thousands of dollars.  Secondly, HABs are a rather ignored field.  While the current design is reasonably reliable, there are a few aspects that we feel could use improvement.  One of the technologies we hope to develop, is a payload that can return to its launch site.  This would make recovery much safer, more reliable and allow for more expensive equipment to be flown by reducing the chance of total payload loss to almost zero.