In the past few weeks we have been focusing on finishing the assembly of the parachute segment. With the internal module complete, we moved on to the outer shell. This shell will be made from a large cardboard like tube and will protect the internal components from damage. It will also provide a mounting point for the fins and other external parts.

After cutting the tube to the correct size we begin prepping it for painting by applying a filler to help smooth the surface. While this filler dried we also started to assemble the internal module for the electronics. For the upcoming flight of the GTP (Guidance Test Payload) this module will hold the receiver and battery that was also used on the parachute test payload during test 11. For test 11, these parts were simply glued to a piece of foam board, and then attached to the payload. While this worked for that test, we wanted to design a more modular and secure mounting system.

We started with two of the bulkheads used in the internal parachute module and attached to them some custom 3d printed parts.

At this point, the parachute segment shell had finished drying and after sanding its surface we were ready to paint it.

With the shell painted, we are now ready to cut the holes that will allow us to attach the fins in the coming weeks.

We have added a new page to our website that you can view here. Also as we are currently working on other obligations less time is available for Project Redirect. While this does not mean that the project is canceled progress and updates will be more infrequent.