Originally the plan was to fly the FTS (Flight Test System) for the first time on Saturday the 25th.  To achieve this goal, we first had to complete a few parts of the FTS.  We began by finishing the S1000+; starting with wiring and securing the various components of the flight controller.  We also needed to update the software and attach the battery.  Unfortunately, the Lithium polymer (Lipo) battery we had purchased did not work.  We opened a case with tech support about the battery.  While we waited we looked into anther option.  A power supply could allow us to power the S1000+ and thus update the software while also buying us more time while we waited for the new battery.

While we waited for the power supply, work begin on the camera for the S1000+.  This consisted of a Raspberry Pi Zero and camera module.  The first test resulted in getting the pi in a endless loop which required a full system reset.  At this point, the power supply arrived.  After setting it up, we learned that it only outputted 5 amps, significantly less than the 40 amps required by the S1000+.   This meant that the only way we could power the S1000+ was with the battery.

Tech support finally got back to us and with their help we discovered that the battery’s balance connector was faulty.  They agreed to ship us a replacement.  Unfortunately, there was no way the battery would arrive in time for our planned test flight on August 25th.  So the date for the flight had to be rescheduled.

image (2)
The camera system


While the date for the next attempt was being decided,  work continued on the camera system.  With the reset complete, a system consisting of a few buttons and a LED was put into place to prevent a future loop.  As of the 25th of August, the camera system is not yet complete.  We are waiting for a few more components to be ordered and set up.  The 2nd of September has been chosen for the next attempt.  As long as there are no more delays, our next post will contain the results of the flight.

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